Museum Ursa is dedicated to bringing the best underground and experimental artists the Midwest(and beyond)offers; to venues in Madison, Wisconsin.

All of these shows are carefully curated and in the past have included such national acts as The Bitter Tears, Dianogah, Bottomless Pit, .22, The Bismarck and STNNNG.

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Upcoming shows:

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Past Exhibits :

The Bismarck

The Bismarck are a bunch of kind-hearted window rattlers from Seattle, Washington.

Bottomless Pit

Bottomless Pit, where you'll find former members of Silkworm. By the way, it's possible that all of them are geniuses.

The Bitter Tears

9.9 on the Richter scale...they're on their way back to Moline. You should go with them.


Chicago's powerhouse that fits in your pocket.

The Poison Arrows

First class, and forever.


Efficient Midwesterners...all of them.


Non-verbal Milwaukeeans. Show them the bird(s) and then stand back.


Ask them to show you their A/V skills. Are there two or three members of Butte? You decide...

Mike Behrends

"A lonely man from 'up north,' Mike Behrends will crush your heart with his wind-in-the-pines voice and his musical tales of woodsmen, seafarers, miners, and...beards."

The Blind Shake

A study in Twin Cities abandon.


Pronounced, "Now that's how a G.D. rock band should sound!".

The Gary

Providing soundtracks to dust storms...and fish falls.

Martha's Vineyard Ferries

MVF {Elisha Weisner, Chris Brokaw, Bob Weston} all have larger musical committments, but still find time to have some fun in the pond.

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